CAE Medicor

Peripheral Intravenous (IV) Catheterization Arm

Sku Number: : IV-BT-001-TC-B

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Tubing Color:

Product description

A best-selling product, this IV arm features four veins to practice performing peripheral IV insertions. Each arm comes with two 1000 ml bags to use for simulating an IV drip and blood flow through the arm. After inserting the catheter correctly, students experience a realistic flashback for placement confirmation. This model features two options: black tubing to help students see the vascular anatomy before inserting a needle and clear tubing to allow them to locate vessels solely by palpation. Replace the outer layer of our proprietary MedicSkin in less than five minutes, extending the life of the model. Tubing is also replaceable. Check out the video in the above slideshow, for a tutorial on how to reskin the IV arm.
*Note: Some components of this product may contain latex.