CAE Blue Phantom

Paracentesis Ultrasound Training Model

Sku Number: : BPPARA-FEM1301-FN-FV


Product description

This CAE Blue Phantom full torso model is ideal for practicing the psychomotor skills necessary for learning image acquisition and interpretation, identifying intraperitoneal fluid, and performing ultrasound-guided paracentesis. Our patented Simulex tissue insert allows learners to practice identifying, localizing and targeting the relevant structures with ultrasound recognizing the liver, bowel, and intraperitoneal fluid collections; target the appropriate fluid pocket, and guide the needle to the targeted pocket in real time for pathological assessment. The Simulex tissue has self-healing properties, allowing for 1000+ punctures when used with an 18-21 gauge needle. Choose from two options: Base Model, or with Femoral Vessels & Femoral Nerves.