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About CAE Medicor

CAE Medicor was founded by EMS workers Mathieu Hacala and Mathieu Ruel. After experiencing several situations for which they wanted to be better prepared, the duo set out to design a line of realistic and reliable medical skills trainers. They failed fast and innovated even faster. Soon, their EMS colleagues were asking for more training solutions, and a company was born. CAE acquired Medicor-Lab in July 2021, as its impressive line of products perfectly complements the simulation company’s broad portfolio. CAE Medicor provides a superior learning experience across the healthcare marketplace, including academia, hospitals, the military, emergency medical services and nursing.

About skin0

The science of skin

CAE Medicor leverages a proprietary process to create MedicSkin, a realistic imitation of human skin and dermal tissue. Select products also include subcutaneous fibers that mimic skin’s elasticity, texture, and resistance while others include palpable, resistant bones, providing realistic simulations for incisions, sutures, or injections.

CAE MedicSkin heals itself. After an injection or puncture, the MedicSkin will seal around the area where the needle was placed. Please note: Incisions will not heal.

The CAE Commitment

World Leader in Simulation


Subcutaneous fibers and palpable, resistant bones precisely mimic the human body


Self-healing MedicSkin endures repetitive procedures with no quality degradation


Non-staining, washable, hypoallergenic, hygienic, and mold-resistant


Extreme durability extends the replacement timeline and lowers the 
cost per use.


Make the most of your product

Wash CAE Medicor products with mild soap and rinse with clear water.

Place CAE Medicor products face 
down until completely dry.

Do not expose CAE Medicor products 
to sunlight or heat.

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