CAE Blue Phantom

Lumbar & Epidural Replacement Inserts

Sku Number: : BPLP2201


Product description

Simulex replacement tissue inserts for Epidural Ultrasound Training models (BPLP2101, BPLP2102, BPLP2103). Choose from four options: Lumbar Insert, Obese Lumbar Insert, Thoracic Insert, or Cervical Insert.

**Note: Three different models with 3 separate configurations. Inserts are not interchangeable among base models.
BPLP2101 takes BPLP2201 and BPLP2204 only
BPLP2102 takes BPLP2201, BPLP2204 and BPLP2202 only
BPLP2103 takes BPLP2201, BPLP2204 and BPLP2203 only