CAE Blue Phantom

Gen II PICC, PIV and Arterial Line Vascular Access Ultrasound Training Model

Sku Number: : BPA304-HP

Product description

We designed this CAE Blue Phantom arm and chest model entirely of our patented Simulex tissue to practice the skills associated with ultrasound-guided vascular access procedures of the upper extremity. This model is ideal for practicing peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) line placement, and arterial and peripheral intravenous (IV) line placement. Learners can practice navigating ultrasound system controls, positioning and moving transducers, using ultrasound to identify vascular anatomy, and targeting vessels for cannulation. The Simulex tissue has self-healing properties, allowing for 1000+ punctures when used with an 18-21 gauge needle.

1 bottle of Red Ultrasound Refill Solution, 235 mLs
1 bottle of Blue Ultrasound Refill Solution, 235 mLs